The Verge’s favorite media obsessions

It’s hard to admit, but it’s all too easy to get caught up in obsessive behavior occasionally, especially when it comes to entertainment. It can be a TV series, a game, a series of novels, a comic book universe… It’s the kind of thing where you look up and suddenly realize that it’s 2AM and you have to get up early for work, and then you think, “Well, one more episode won’t hurt,” or, “If I try one more time, I can survive into the next round.”

We asked the staff of The Verge what their current media obsessions were. Here are the answers we got, divided into four categories: games, TV series, books, and music. Maybe you even share the enthusiasm they have for some of these.

For all the love I have for video games, I am truly, abysmally bad at playing them. And no game has made that more painfully obvious than Hades. It’s a beautiful title, from the artwork, voice acting, and music scores to the gameplay itself. You play as Zagreus, son of the titular god of the underworld, who must fight his way through ever-changing levels to reach the surface and escape from his father’s realm. Each attempt (presuming you make it to the end) takes around 20-40 minutes — which is just short enough for me to repeatedly give it “one final run” before bed. Dear readers, it is never my final run.

I jumped back into the Greek mythology-inspired roguelike following the announcement of Hades 2 at The Game Awards last year, and I’ve been getting my ass kicked by it ever since. In fact, my Switch Lite has effectively become entirely dedicated to masochistically facilitating my constant defeats. I look forward to being similarly addicted to its sequel. — Jess Weatherbed, news writer

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